A Leadgate is a gate (like a landing page) to encourage visitors to subscribe to your emails or newsletters and share their contact information before continuing to see your tab’s content. A leadgate is also what we call our Newsletters app, and you can create a custom leadgate for each of our Facebook tab apps.

Default leadgate design
Default leadgate design

What are the elements of a leadgate?

  • Subscription form
    • Default fields: Name and email address
    • Optional fields: Birthday, location, gender
    • Add your own custom fields
    • Add an “notify email” that will receive email notifications whenever a form is filled out
    • Each lead you receive will be automatically added into “Contacts” within the app where you can manage and export your new subscriber list
  • Design options
    • Default design
    • Upload your images: header image and background image
    • HTML and text editor
  • Set up welcome / thank you message
    • Customize your message for visitors that subscribe or skip the option
    • HTML and text editor


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