Once in you’re in the app, click on “Design” on the left side menu. From there, you can customize your Coupon tab in the following ways:

Setup the tab

  • Tab Name – customize the name of this tab as it appears on your Facebook page
  • Tab Image – upload an 111 x 74 px image, this image will appear when any coupon is shared from your page
  • Tab Position – this will change the order of the tabs on your Facebook page, if you’re using other tabs from the Iframe Apps Suite, this will reposition your tab order.
  • Make sure you click “Update tab” before exiting

Choose your customization

  • None – this uses our default design
  • Simple – with this you can pick from 4 different layouts and modify colors, fonts, borders, images, positions, sharing options, and more
  • Advanced – this allows you to import a CSS file or edit the stylesheet
  • Make sure to click “Save” no matter which option you choose
  • You can see how your tab looks by clicking on “Go to this tab” button on the top left menu


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