• Click on “Manage coupons” on the left side menu
  • Click on the “Add coupon” tab next to Coupons list
  • Enter the information about your new coupon
    • Coupon title: this text will display on your coupon – if you already include the discount amount in the title, then you do not need to click or fill out the Discount checkbox
    • Category: this is used to help visitors filter through your coupons
    • Coupon code: Type in the discount code, or check off “Transform this barcode” to turn the coupon code into a barcode for visitors that print the coupon and use it in person
    • Validity dates: enter the start and expiration date range for this coupon
    • Visibility dates: these are the dates your coupon will be visible on your tab
    • Nomanative coupon: if you select this, the coupon will be personalized and show the users Facebook name
    • Coupon description: this is optional
    • Conditions of use: this will not appear on the coupon itself, it will display a link “Conditions of use” on the coupon and if you click that, then this text will appear
  • Remember to check off “Active coupon” for it to appear on your Facebook tab
  • Click “Submit” to save changes

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