Add a Link  adds a new tab to your Facebook page that redirects to any website you choose.  Simply type in the URL where you want to redirect your visitors within “Link Settings”. You also have the option to upload an image to dress up the tab, which will make this tab serve as a landing page, and when the visitor clicks on the image, they will redirect to the URL you entered.

Examples of how others are using the Add a Link tab:

  • Redirect to other social media profiles
    • Upload an image that says “Follow us on Instagram” that will link to your Instagram profile
  • Redirect to shop
    • Upload an image of some of your best selling products that will link to your online shop
    • Or another great idea we’ve seen our users do: upload an image for top products of the month that links to a page on your shop that features those items
  • Redirect to website
    • If you sell services or have a blog, this is a great place to upload an image that incentivizes visitors to check out your website

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